The moment we are born, a snapshot of the celestial sky is taken, which speaks of the star sign under which you are born. What you do and how you do it, all can be nearly predicted with the help of those star signs. In fact, it is like a generic blueprint of a person’s lifestyle, food habits, sleep habits, power and emotional states, etc. Although we often tend to not accept astrological patterns, calling them some dogmas or invalid theories, we can not deny that most of the times, we can very accurately relate to these zodiac reports. The movement of the Moon is said to dictate your emotional and subconscious habits. It also rules your memory. Similarly, the movement of the sun rules your ego and power. So, all we wear and how we sleep can be generalized for a group of people that are born under the common astrophysical effects.

When we buy a new, soft bed, we love the appeal and look it imparts to our room. Still, there are some people who sleep a lot and some who can not even sleep during the night, despite that comfortable bed. Believe it or not, your astral sky is affecting all of that, and this extends to our sleeping patterns and bed-habits too.

So, here are some research about the potential influence of your star sign on how you sleep:

1. Aquarius: There is no second of the day when you can let you mind not think, i. e. , being extremely creative and forward-thinkers, your mind is always on the go, and you picture your imaginations all the time. These are those people who tend to be the most sleep deprived because of the worries of the future and some unclear logic. So, if you want to fall asleep, then keep your gadgets far away from your bed and practice yoga to help you control your wild imaginations.

2. Pisces: These are the most waggish creatures, and they daydream a lot! These are extremely spiritual beings who use dreaming as a tool to shoo away of the negativeness of the world and thus, reserve their energy. But they do not dream of their future or some hypothetical things, in fact, their dreams are some jumbled thoughts that have some message that only they can understand. Sleeping in their beds, they tend to get nightmares most often. But sleeping in a comfortable bed is very important for them to rejuvenate their souls and maintain their intuitive power.

3. Aries: The most energetic and headstrong people fall into this category, which is why they find it extremely difficult to fall asleep. Being, hyperactive, it is very important for them to exercise or work hard the entire day, to be able to sleep tightly in their beds. They are also the most competitive people, but if they get a cool room, a cozy bed, and soothing music, they can overcome all the depression and can fall asleep.

4. Taurus: The only group of people who love their sleep the most are these because they are very sensitive to their sleeping environment. They need a hygienic bed and soft table to sleep well at night. While asleep, they dream of meaningful scenarios and appreciate long hours of sleeping in an utterly comfortable bed. Also, it can turn out to be a disaster if you argue with them right before they go to sleep, this can deprive them of their sleep. They are very prone to addictions, so this is the only thing that should be taken care of.

5. Gemini: Their never dying curiosity just does not let them sleep peacefully. Because of their curiosity, they tend to ask a lot of questions and due to this information overload, they chat a lot and do not let their mind rest. Lying on the bed, they tend to think of messaging their friends or closed ones or worry about who thinks what about them, which makes it very important to meditate and calm their minds. These creatures tend to make sleeping optional, which makes them prone to insomnia, and all this because of their racing mind.

6. Cancer: They can not sleep until they get a proper bed and a mandatory blanket. They are too moody, because of which they either sleep too much or do not want to sleep at all. They take their troubles to bed and therefore tend to suffer from nightmares the most. They are too sensitive and find it extremely difficult to sleep when they are traveling.

7. Leo: These people love to sleep, especially when they are surrounded by their loved ones. They need a spacious and comfortable bed to lay their back on and sleep. They love to be cuddled to sleep and have Déjà vu.

8. Virgo: They worry too much about everything, and therefore, they have over-analyzing and critical minds. Being immensely work-obsessed, they get work nightmares. No matter how comfortable their bed is, they will simply not be able to sleep if they are stressed. But, since they are very disciplined and routine-oriented, they can sleep well if everything seems alright and organized.

9. Libra: They love materialism way too much. Therefore, a well-organized bedroom is their primary requirement. Extremely balanced and well grounded, they just hate to stay up late at night. They love to set up sleep schedules, but they can literally sleep for days.

10. Scorpio: The amount of sleep they are going to do is something that depends completely on their mood. They can sleep for hours if happy, but can even suffer from hyper-insomnia if distressed. Theses are nocturnal, or you can call them the night owls, only because of their intense thoughts and obsessions. They are recommended to practice meditation to heal their souls and sleep soundly.

11. Sagittarius: Sagittarians are restless people who tend to work hard, way too much, during the day time and then dream of traveling during the night. They are very optimistic and spontaneous and reach far off places lying in their beds, because of their wanderlust. They can happily survive on a short sleep too.

12. Capricorn: They sleep not because they need to sleep, but because it is tradition to sleep in the night. They can not bear any disturbances, especially not the workload, which makes them forget about sleep. They might also suffer from insomnia if work continues to worry them for a longer duration of time.

So, going through all the natal charts and their behaviors in the bed regarding their sleep, one must try to understand that no matter what, sleep must not be forgone because of some distresses or for the sake of fun.